Elephants and Jam Action Research

Elephants and Jam at the Lab

Aiming for new creative heights high keeps us fresh in ideas and encourages us to keep learning and inventing. We thought the best way to learn and invent is to do some action research projects, while also having loads of really interesting conversations, with really interesting people, who are doing really amazing creative things with and for very young children. 

Our research project is called Elephants and Jam, we thought this name captured nicely the size and the nature of our creative research. 

Elephants and Jam essentially trials creative workshops in early childhood centres such as creches, arts centres, galleries, libraries and preschools, with the hope of challenging and refining how we as artists engage with very young children. The outcome of such engagements will form our research reports, which in turn will feed into our professional development programme for adults caring for or educating children which we hope to pilot in early 2013, and our ongoing professional engagements with children and their guardians.

If you are interested in being part of our research projects we would really like to hear from you. Please contact us using our contact page.


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