Here we have some of our most recent events and activities.

Supported by the Arts Council and Driocht, Ceol Connected, Little Big Top and Early Childhood Creativity joined creative forces and set to work over the summer of 2019 to create a new sensory theatre work for children with complex needs. The result was a beautiful multisensory experience called Leaf.

LeafTrip to Moon

Andrew Carson and Órla Kelly ventured to Luxembourg to build a rocket in honour of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and celebrate with the children during Kannersummer in July.





















It's our 5th Year to run Toddler Take Over in Drioacht and again it was another amazing year with a wonderful cohort of children, adults, artists wandering and exploring the spaces of Draiocht.

Toddler take OverToddler Take OverToddler Take OverToddler Take Over






























Room 13 have returned to Driocht to create work inspired by their visit to Mart gallery and studio spaces. Initially exploring natural pigments and dyes then combining their findings with plaster cast experimenting we created some beautiful miniatures. 

Pigment room 13

Room 13 MiniaturesBerlin to Blanch2019 started with and exploration of Europe, specifically Berlin. While in Berlin Orla shared her experiences of the city with Room 13 in Blanchardstown via virtual studio interactions. The result was a sculptural exhibition entitled from Berlin to Blanch.

A WInter Wish NCHA Winter Wish

Moon Woke Me Up

 A Winter Wish tour by Ceol Connected brought us around the wintered Irish country singing and puppeteering.









Moon Woke me Up an interactive theatre piece for young audiences was premiered in The Civic in October. It was celebrated with an exhibition in Tallaght Library.





Ready Steady Show! The Civic







 Collaborating with The Civic and REcreate Ireland we created visual art work for a very young audience in celebration of The Civic's mini Arts Fest for early years audiences. This work was a series of stories in small cubicle boxes.


Dublin City Arts Office Residency


kannersummer Karl Burke 


We completed a yearlong residency in collaboration with DCAO, DCCCC and the wonderful crèche, Doras Buí.



July saw a return to Luxembourg, with the renowned visual artist Karl Burke, to explore a summer of sounds and music at Kannersummer.